Want to start freelancing and earn money online? Read this

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Looking to start freelancing and earn money online? Read the complete article
Looking to start freelancing and earn money online? Read the complete article

Do you also want to start freelancing and earn money online? Are you also confused about how to begin freelancing? Do you want to earn money online and make your reputation as a freelancer? All of your questions will be answered today. This article is a journey to your first steps in freelancing. You will learn not only about freelancing and how to earn money online, but also some tips that are important for life.

Earning money and becoming financially independent is one of the dreams that every person wants, especially students. People often want to earn money without much travel, or pressure from the boss, or want to work from their homes. Freelancing provides all these perks, but it also demands hard-work and skills from you.

We have covered everything in this article like how you can start freelancing? How you can make a secure career through freelancing? Why students should start freelancing early? And many such questions. Well, read the complete article and you will find ways in which you can start freelancing and earn money through it.

Before that lets first understand what freelancing means.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is when you have skills that the world requires, and you use those skills to work for an organization, individual, or a new startup. Freelancing is done is many fields writing, voice artist, web development, marketing, management, and much more. You will get paid for the services that you will provide.

Is it a full-time career? No freelancing is not always a full-time career option, but it is a very strong way that will guide you to choose your career. Freelancing is not a permanent career option. It is the budding step that will give you a successful career. Let’s find out this in more detail.

Why freelancing?

  • Money – When you work as a freelancer for any organization or individual, then you get paid for your work. The money that you get paid depends upon the field that you are working in, the company for whom you are working, and many such factors. But yes, you can earn a good amount of money once you enter this field of freelancing and stay consistent. But remember never let money be the only reason to start freelancing.
  • Knowledge and experience – This is the most important reason to start freelancing. When you work for real-world companies, you realize the working reality. You gain new experience every time you work for a new company or individual. Freelancing is an awesome way to gain experience and enhance your skills at every level of your work.
  • Career – Freelancing is not always about money, once you work in this field of freelancing, you find many skills and options to start with. And, when you start working, you will eventually find skills that you love. You will get a sense of your interest, or the career option you should choose. For example, you started freelancing as a designer, and you are liking it a lot. When you keep on exploring the world of designing you will know more about it, and eventually, it may happen that you would want to opt for it as a permanent career option.
  • Explore the world – Yes, through freelancing you explore the world not by traveling but by working with them. When you talk to new people understand their business models, you explore. This adds up to your experience, and eventually, you will get a deep experience that will benefit you in joining your dream company.
  • Your own company – With the knowledge and experience that you gained over time through freelancing, you can even start your own company one day. Your real-world experience and knowledge will help you to expand your company.

7 Tips to start freelancing and earn money online

  • Learn a skill
  • Build a strong portfolio
  • Apply on Freelancing platforms
  • Use social media to get clients
  • Be patient and give time
  • Don’t run for the money
  • Give the best service to clients

1. Learn a skill

This image illustrates to Learn a Skill that will be helpful in freelancing and earning money online
Learn a Skill

For starting freelancing, the most important requirement is a skill. You need to be skilled in the field for which you choose to start freelancing. For example, if you want to start freelancing in UI/UX design, then you need to first understand this field. You need to understand the principles of UX designing, user interface. You will have to practice more and more by yourself.

To begin working on your skills you can take help from the Internet. Platforms like youtube, google, etc, will give you skills for free. While online educational platforms like Udemy will have paid courses, but you will get a professional education, taught by experts of this field. You will also have to keep yourself updated on the latest trends, developments in your field.

You will need to practice very hard to become different and more creative from other freelancers. Now that you have got a skill, let’s move on to the next important tip for freelancing.

Following experienced people in your respective fields will also be very helpful because you can learn a lot from their experiences. Therefore, try to follow various experts in your field on social media platforms.

2. Build a strong Portfolio

This image illustrates to Build a strong portfolio that will be helpful in freelancing and earning money online
Build a strong portfolio

To attract a client, the only option you have is to build trust with the client. That can be done by your strong portfolio. When you are a beginner, you will not have real work to show initially. In that case, you can show the practice work that you did.

That is why it is super-important to practice and enrich your skills with modern trends. You have to build a very strong portfolio which includes some sample work.

For example, if you choose content writing as your freelancing option, then you should work upon some unique content. Write some sample contents giving your best. These sample contents will attract clients if they like it.

3. Apply on freelancing platforms

Start applying on freelancing platforms for online passive income
Start applying on freelancing platforms

Now that you have got a skill, build a strong portfolio, and do a lot of practice, its time to apply. There are plenty of freelancing websites, where you can get clients. Some popular freelancing websites are listed below.

  • freelancer.com
  • fiverr.com
  • guru.com
  • upwork.com
  • golance.com

You will have to create a strong and attractive profile on these platforms, so that people may find you easily. Creating a profile will not work alone, you will also have to keep a check on the latest notifications of these platforms. 

Like you, there will be many other freelancers out there on these freelancing platforms. But don’t get yourself dishearten, because they also began like you. You should also keep an eye on new-startups who require freelancers for their company.

4. Use social media to get clients

How to use social media to attract clients to earn money online through freelancing
Use social media to attract clients

Creating a profile on freelancing platforms is not the only way to attract clients. Using social media is another good option to attract clients. For example, you can join various freelancing groups on platforms like Facebook. People keep posting for requirements. You can approach them and get your first client.

Other than Facebook, you can also create your page on Instagram to promote your work. Social media is a hub to connect people. Platforms like Linkedin would be very useful, because of its automatic connectivity.

5. Be patient and give time

Patience is the key to success in freelancing
be patient and give time to enhance your skill

You might get clients with your first application, but sometimes you may also face rejection. This is the time that you have to show patience and give more time and dedication to freelancing.

The more time you invest in enhancing your skills, the better will be the chance to attract clients.

Attracting clients is not about luck. It’s about the time and hard work that you invested in honing your skills. CGPA Calculator

6. Give the best service to clients

Good service brings more clients in freelancing
Better the service better the chance to grab more work

Clients are those for whom you did all this hard-work along this journey, and you will always want to get good feedback on your work. Keep your clients happy and satisfied with your work.

Because, it may turn out that once the client liked your work, they might again come with another new project. The client might also recommend yours for his friends or relative’s project.

Therefore, remember to give the best service to your clients.

7. Don’t run for the money

Skills are most important in freelancing
Don’t run for money, work for expanding skills and experience

The last tip that we would like to give you before you start freelancing is, don’t run for the money. More than earning, its important to learn new things. There are many other fields in which you can do freelancing. If the field that you choose doesn’t seem interesting, then change it.

Even if in the end you won’t have clients, you will still be having the skills and knowledge. You will be able to start your own business or any online service. Also, if you want to calculate your expenses, you can use this percentage calculator

Some popular freelancing fields

  • Web development
  • UI/UX designing
  • Content writing      
  • Digital Marketing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Translators
  • SEO optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Programming and software development
  • Graphics designing

And many more….


We have discussed some of the most important tips that you need to know before you start freelancing and earn money online. We hope that our article was helpful to you.

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